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Welcome to the Dinosaur Simulator (Version 5.9.0+) WikiEdit

The official Roblox Dinosaur Simulator wiki. This is the updated version which includes the new improved stats, as well as mechanics such as Bleed and Defense.

Dinosaur SimulatorEdit

Dinosaur Simulator is a high quality dinosaur game on Roblox. Having very high quality models and also high quality gameplay, this game is a Roblox prodigy. This game is based around surviving in a carefully made world as many kinds of dinosaurs. You can choose between many Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores as you take on the world of dinosaurs in this multiplayer game. Beware of other players as it is their choice, and yours, whether to be peaceful survivors, or brutal murderers. If you find a player with the same mind base as you, you can form a pack to take on the world together. There's no laws to how you decide to survive this world, but always remember to have fun! Whether need any knowledge as to other dinosaurs and their strengths, or simply want to explore the mechanics, welcome to the Wiki.

GameEdit The game is completely free. A free account through Roblox is recommended before playing the game, as it allows chatting with other players.

Latest activityEdit

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